I was recently contacted by BWB Ratings and was informed that there was a potential rate rebate linked to one of our trading addresses. After their audit was fulfilled, the rebate was delivered swiftly. Their work was efficient, saved us money and I would recommend using them.
A. Bellis. Avante Garde Distribution Ltd.
'Out of the blue', I received an email from BWB explaining that a company for which I acted as Liquidator had suffered an historical error in its business rates billing. I spoke to BWB who pleasantly explained what they had found. I agreed for BWB to act for me as Liquidator on a 'no win no fee' basis and I completed BWB's Audit Agreement and Letter of Authority. Shortly afterwards I received a cheque in the name of the company in Liquidation for several thousand pounds and from this I paid BWB's agreed fees being an agreed percentage of the rates refund received. In doing so, this refund improved the return to the creditors within the company in Liquidation. BWB made the process easy to understand and I have since used BWB's services again.
C H I Moore, K.J Watkin & Co
BWB didn't use a “hard sell” approach, which most business rate audit services do – they just let us review and consider their proposal. They were very down to earth and straight forward in their approach to JBA; and also their % fee was very reasonable. The process was very simple – all I had to provide was a list of our offices and a few copies of agreements. They just got on with doing a very complete, thorough job and kept us informed of how they were progressing.
Yvonne Edmondson, JBA Consulting Ltd.
We used BWB this year and were very pleased with the service they supplied us. Like most small businesses, I think at first we were a bit suspicious – would they actually do what they said they would? But they did, and we received a refund of rates we had overpaid. The process was easy, and they kept us informed of what was going on, and what we needed to do, at all times. So, that was refreshingly good. We would recommend other small businesses try them – business rates are far too high as they are, so it’s worthwhile checking to see if you’ve been overcharged.
Gordon Young, Historic Connections Ltd.