Empty Property Rates

If your property has been vacant for over three months, or six months for an industrial unit, the owner / landlord will be liable for 100% of the business rates payable.

We work within current business rates legislation using tried and tested methods involving the introduction of a charitable tenant to take on liability for non-domestic rates without having continuous occupation of the property. This can result in full relief from all business rates on vacant commercial units with the tenancies being flexible and able to be terminated at just 14 days notice.

This can be implemented in all types of empty business premises including;

  • Retail Units
  • Leisure Units
  • Industrial Units
  • Office Units

The tenant does not occupy the premises constantly and as such they are less intrusive than similar schemes where a property must remain occupied for 43 days.  At all times the property can remain on the market for sale or to let with viewings conducted as usual by the property owner.

For more information please contact :

Email : beth@bwb.co.uk

Call :  01244 478 578 or you can complete our on-line form.