Business Rates Appeals

NB : The Valuation Office has placed a deadline of 31st March 2023 for all 2017 rating list appeals to be lodged. 

Your business rates are calculated by the Valuation Office and based on a rental valuation of your property, while this calculation should be as accurate as possible there many errors that can occur when the RV is being set.

As with our historical audit work, ratepayers are often surprised at how often these errors occur and if they are corrected, the substantial savings that can be made. BWB can provide advice and guidance on the accuracy of your RV rating assessments and the advisability of making appeals against it. All appeals are undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor and can be made and progressed on behalf of clients.

We will always assess your valuation before proceeding with any appeal; if you have contacted us about your business rates then we will carry out this assessment at no cost and if we believe your RV is fair we will not carry out any further work. If we have contacted you then this initial assessment has already been carried out and we believe an appeal may be worthwhile :

Appealing the RV of a property is not relevant for all ratepayers, even though the option to do so is available .

Never use an agent who claims any of the following:

  • Guarantees a saving on your business rates or calls you out of the blue stating as such.
  • Asks for an upfront fee to carry this work out.

If we believe there may be scope for an appeal, one of our surveyors will inspect and measure your property and carry out a full assessment, again no appeal will be lodged until after this has been carried out and there is still no fee due at this point.

Fees will be agreed on an individual basis, but will generally be based upon the reduction in Rateable Value achieved and so nothing is payable unless we are successful.

If you have a single site or a portfolio of properties, our thorough and niche historical audit work along side our appeal service can provide peace of mind for one of your largest overheads. Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to find out more.